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Infinity Luxe Pack 2 - White

Infinity Luxe Pack 2 - White

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Looking for a pack that will make the perfect gift for that special someone or just want to spoil yourself and save some money? All our packs in the Infinity collection will do just this!

The Luxe Pack has a bit of everything and features our cute "Baby Geo's" which are exclusive to our Infinity Pack Collection. This candle/diffuser box will take your home to the next level of luxurious and you save money at the same time!

Remember to trim your wick before each burn!


1 x Matte white Geo Diffuser 150ml - 6+ months Fragrance time

1 x Matte white Statement Jar - 340g with an approx burn time of 50hrs

1 x Matte white Baby Geo Jar - 120g with an approx burn time of 30hrs

1 x Pair of Rose Gold Wick Trimmers

NOTE: If you would like a different fragrance that is not listed for the diffuser fragrance, please add this in the comments section of your order and we will adjust it for you.