Candle re-fill: How to

Want to re-fill your Hanson Candle Co soy candle? It's super easy and you will be soon be enjoying a new (or your favourite) fragrance burning in your house again in no time!
Reducing waste and saving you money was extremely important to us while still having that luxury feeling in your home. We are going to show you how easy it is below to use our new refill:
1. Order your refill from us
Head to the Candle RE-FILLS drop down and select and order your matching jar re-fill or Click Here to shop all jar re-fills.
2. Clean out your jar
See below our two most recommended ways to do this.
The Hot Water Method
This method is super easy and the best way if there is a thin layer of wax on the bottom. We have created a video to show you. All you need to do is pour boiling water into your jars, wait for the water to completely cool, the wax has then hardened and surfaced to the top of the water. Take the wax out and wick tab and finish off by cleaning your jar with hot soapy water like you would your dishes. 
The Double Boiler Method
This method is great for removing stubborn wax left on the bottom of your jar. All you need to do is grab a metal pot and fill with boiling water on the stove. Place your jars in the pot so that the water level is roughly halfway up the jar, creating a hot water bath. Lightly boil your jar until all of the wax is completely melted. Be careful while removing your jars (I like to use tongs and a tea towel to do this) and dispose of the melted wax. It is best to put the remaining wax in the bin and not down the sink. Finish off by cleaning with hot soapy water, then pop in the dishwasher.
Important things to note:
  • Never put your jar in the microwave to clean as the candle contains the wick tab, which is metal and will start a fire and damage your microwave.
  • Don’t pour your wax down the sink as once the wax cools it will go hard and may end up clogging your drain.
  • Remove your wick tab before cleaning with hot soapy water so it will be perfectly clean and ready to reuse.
 3. Put jar in the oven ready for re-fill
Once your jar is clean and DRY, pop your jar into a hot oven for a couple of minutes until it is warm to touch. Use a tea towel to take out so you don't burn yourself. 
4. Slide the re-fill into its warm jar
It's important to warm the jar first so your soy refill will slide in easily. It also ensures that the wax seals to the edge of the jar and will burn properly.
5. That's it! Light that baby up and ENJOY xx