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  • Re-fillable luxury candles. A statement piece in any home. Your forever candle.

  • Hand Poured Soy Candles | Gold Coast Australia

Re-fillable luxury candles. A statement piece in any home. Your forever candle.

Hand Poured Soy Candles | Gold Coast Australia SHOP NOW

Valentine's Day Lover Packs

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    Valentine's Lover Pack | MELTS
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  • Valentine's Lover Pack | CANDLE
    Valentine's Lover Pack | CANDLE
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Three steps to re-filling your candle jar

Don't waste the jar - order your matching Re-fill ONLY Insert. Re-filling your candle, saves jars, is eco-friendly and your wallet will thank you for it.

While you wait for your Re-fill Insert to arrive, you can clean your jar. The easiest method is to put boiling water in the jar, wait until it cools and the wax sets to the top. Remove the hardened wax from the top and hand clean the container with hot soapy water.

Pop your clean, fresh and DRY jar into the oven for 5min until it's warm to the touch. This is so the re-fill slides in easy and seals to the jar properly. Pop that baby in and you have your new Hanson Candle to burn all over again!


  • Body Oil | 100ML
    Body Oil | 100ML
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  • Body Oil TESTERS | 2 PACK 15ML
    Body Oil TESTERS | 2 PACK 15ML
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Luxury Soy Candles

All our candles are made from 100% Natural plant based vegan soy wax and the highest quality phthalate free fragrances with cotton wicks.

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Re-fill your Candle

Don't save your candle for special occasions! Light it every day and then buy a re-fill! Easy on the environment and on your pocket, plus keep that luxe statement piece in your home.


Diffusers & Room Sprays

Small children that can reach or pets? Diffusers & Room sprays are a great flame free option that keeps the luxury and gorgeous smell in your home.

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I buy alot of candles from small business but find alot of them don't hold there smell. Hanson Candle Co to the rescue! I'm so in love best smelling candles ever!! Definitely found my new candle makers. ❤️

Shea K.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!I’m a big candle burner and pretty loyal to my fave brands. But I bought a friend a grazing box from a local caterer who packaged a beautiful Hanson candle in her box. My friend raved about it so I bought a statement candle and haven’t touched another candle brand since! I always get comments on the beautiful fragrances and the look of the candle jar and I buy refills which are so easy to put in. I haven’t come across anyone else who offers refills and before Hanson candles I would just toss used jars. The value for money is so great and Hanson candles look after their customers with rewards and discounts. It’s also a great go to gift and i love being able to support a small Australian business.

Lana M.

My Daughter has been ordering Hanson Candles for over 2 years now. When she first bought me one of her amazing scented candles I fell in love and have also been ordering ever since. I have loved watching Hanson candles grow and all the new products they bring out, I Love the scissors and the fact Shakira offers refill's of the candles and for my most recent purchase she even hand delivered it herself to my door so beautifully packaged!! I highly recommend her products to treat yourself or as a lovely gift.

Linda K.

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