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Our Story

We are a local Gold Coast couple who's story started making candles back in 2018. We regrettably used to buy Kmart candles so we could create a candle lit ambiance every night, but they would never last very long and we didn't know what we were breathing in. We knew there had to be a better way and so Hanson Candle Co was born. Luxury soy candles that would be a statement decor piece in any home but also value for money and eco-friendly. We are always growing and learning as humans and we have slowly added pieces to our collections to reflect our values. Having a re-fill option was important to us as big candle lovers as no-one wants to throw away jars constantly. This addition was one of the first steps to an eco-friendly company. We've since added many new additions such as packaging in 100% recycled boxes, filling with 100% bio-degradable packing peanuts, 100% bio-degradable tape and the first thing we ever did was package most candles in re-usable bags. There are many more eco-friendly swaps we'd like to do but we're on our way just like we all are.

Come and meet us! We are The Hansons xx


Shakira Hanson

Shakira has always had a love for business and has always worked in office management. She knew she was destined to do something great in business and proud to say bringing a new product to a loved industry is it. Shakira and Rick have the biggest love for their 9 year old pooch who is always trying to help pack orders and make candles. Shakira also loves sewing, cooking, rock music and spending time with her family and friends.

Rick Hanson

Rick is a boilermaker by trade but has always had a keen eye for new designs. He is the one that watched Shakira make candles day after day and saw the flaw of paddle pop sticks, so an idea emerged. This is the first product he has designed, had prototyped and manufactured into a fully functioning product. You can imagine he is pretty excited about this! Rick loves skateboarding, rock music, motorbikes, live music and boating.