Valentines Day Special

Valentines Day, that one day dedicated to L.O.V.E! Whether you've been with someone for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 decades or single there is always love in our lives. Whether it's with partners, yourself, animals or friends and family, here at Hanson Candle Co, we LOVE love! We're going to embrace it and give you all the romantic ideas for Valentines day.

husband and wife kissing


We have specifically made our beautiful Valentines Day boxes so you can get in the mood and have a lovely relaxing sensual massage with your partner. Containing our beautiful Soy Wax Massage Candles, room sprays, heart shaped melts and heart shaped tea-lights, we've thought of everything to set the mood. Don't forget to put on some smooth tunes as well, try the "Valentine's Day - R&B Love" playlist on Spotify.

Valentine's Lover Box

Guys like to be loved to! Girls don't forget about your man and get him something to show your love. Rick... LOVES chocolate, hopefully he's not reading this but I will probably get him some ferrero rochers along with a cute card telling him how much I love him. Also don't get your guy flowers, guarantee they won't like them and would rather see you in some sexy lingerie and going down town. How do I know? I asked all my closest friends and this was their response. They're not wrong... showing your love isn't just about buying expensive roses that are just going to die in a few days anyway. It's about being together and connecting. 

Romantic Picnic on the beach

What about a romantic picnic on the beach or at a beautiful park, if you don't have a Valentine this year this is a great option for all the single gals. Grab some dinner, wine and a picnic blanket because love is in friendship too!

Date night at home

Feel like staying in? Grab one of our Soy candles (or a couple) to set the mood, go to the store buy some popcorn, wine, some roses or rose petals to spread around and pick a romantic movie you'll both enjoy. Set everything up and snuggle under the blanket while spending quality time together. Need ideas for a movie? Why not try the movie "Valentine's Day" hehe.

breakfast in bed

Don't want to wait for the evening? Why not a lovers breakfast? Nothing's sweeter than bringing breakfast in bed for your sweetest love. A few flowers from the garden, a few sprays of our Room Spray and a Mimosa as well? Whatever your breakfast specialty waffles, bacon and eggs, smashed avo on toast, doughnuts or strawberry pancakes I'm sure your love will adore it.

Just a few ideas to get you started, which one will you be doing?

Lots of Love 

The Hansons xx

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