Self Care

What is self care to you? Do you do it often? 

It's easy to run ourselves into the ground to make your dreams come true. Working full time in the office to pay the bills, that side hustle business to eventually turn into your full time job, juggling the kids being a Mum, Wife and don't forget some remanence of a social life. It's easy to skip meals, drink too much, no sleep, and slowly not giving your best to all of the above and of course self care comes way down the list to everything else.

No matter how luxurious or indulgent it might sound, it is crucial for us to look after our bodies physically and mentally. We need to do this so we can be our best for our families and the goals we want to achieve.

Physical health: I'm going to put my hand up to this and say I'm definitely the worst for this! I've never been a big "Gym" person so I get it. But when you're sitting at a desk all day then come home to run around the kids then sit on the couch after your long day, there's not much exercise going on. I know it's hard but sometimes something as simples as a 10 minute workout before you jump in the shower is the boost your body needs. Try doing 50 sit ups, 30 squats, 20 pushups and done. Or a 30 minute walk in some fresh air does a world of good.

Know your worth: Self care is important to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are important. Don't be afraid to do something for you! In the end it's going to produce positive feelings and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Stresssss: I'm sure we all know this one all to well and although some stress is good to push us through deadlines or motivate us, too much stress is bad! Some great small self care habits can be eating healthy (I like to try and have a green juice in the morning when I remember), more sleep, exercise and meditation.

Easy ideas for you to try and give yourself a break:

  1. Have a bath with some bath salts and candles and wash away the stress
  2. Read a book
  3. Catch up with friends - sometimes you just need a good laugh :)
  4. Light a candle and meditate
  5. Wash your hair, cleanse your face & body, shave your legs, change the bed with fresh sheets and relaxxxxx
  6. Treat yourself to a pamper facial
  7. Go for a walk
  8. If you're creative - do something you love that you haven't done in ages! For me that would be sewing. 
  9. Write shit down! Reflect on the month that's been, write down your goals ahead.
  10. Go for a beautiful relaxing massage, or get hubby to give you one and wait on you. :)

What does self care mean for me (Shakira, Hanson Candle Co.)? It's little things like when winding down for the night, I put one of our Hanson Candles (Cherry blossom is life!) on and watch a bit of mindless tv. This is something I do every night! A super important one for me also is when I come home from working my full time job, I take 30 minutes to chat with hubby and chill before getting into home biz life of candles. I really need this time to switch my brain, previous to doing this I would get overwhelmed and instantly stressed thinking about too many things at once. Sunday's I try best to do all the girl things like wash my hair, shave my legs, face mask, bit of baby powder haha and lots of cuddles with Rick and Lila (husband & dog) 

Shakira Hanson

What does self care mean for me (Molly, Zuii Organic)?

To me self care means taking time for myself in busy everyday life. Whether that be 10 minutes or a few hours, it’s time that I cherish. I love to start my day by seeing the sunrise and going to a walk. When I get to do this, I feel although I have done something just for me before I do anything for anyone else. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of working full time so its so important to me to wind down of a night-time. To do this I love to have a hot shower using my Zuii Organic body polish and body wash to wash the day away. This makes me feel refreshed and ready for a relaxed and long sleep. Sleep is another key factor in my self-care, sleep is truly the best medicine. 


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