How to clean your candle jar and re-use in your home

Welcome candle lovers to our first Hanson Candle Blog post!

We are going to give you the best ways to clean out those old candle jars and our favourite ways to reuse them in your home. 

First off, we offer refillable candles in Australia. Simply order your matching jar refill and we will ship the insert to you for you to pop in at home. 

scented candle refill

There are a number of different ways you can clean out the last of the wax in your much enjoyed empty jar but today we are going to show you two of the most effective methods we use ourselves.

The Hot Water Method

This method is super easy and the best way if there is a thin layer of wax on the bottom. We have created a video to show you this method below. All you need to do is pour boiling water into your jars, wait for the water to completely cool, the wax has then hardened and surfaced to the top of the water. Take the wax out and wick tab and finish off by cleaning your jar with hot soapy water like you would your dishes. Once it is almost immaculate I like to put my jars in the dishwasher just to give it that extra clean and sparkle. Please check individual product descriptions to check which jars are dishwasher safe, as not all jars are.



The Double Boiler Method

This method is great for removing stubborn wax left on the bottom of your jar. All you need to do is grab a metal pot and fill with boiling water on the stove. Place your jars in the pot so that the water level is roughly halfway up the jar, creating a hot water bath. Lightly boil your jar until all of the wax is completely melted. Be careful while removing your jars (I like to use tongs and a tea towel to do this) and dispose of the melted wax. It is best to put the remaining wax in the bin and not down the sink. Finish off by cleaning with hot soapy water, then pop in the dishwasher.


Important things to note:

  • Never put your jar in the microwave to clean as the candle contains the wick tab, which is metal and will start a fire and damage your microwave.
  • Don’t pour your wax down the sink as once the wax cools it will go hard and may end up clogging your drain.
  • Remove your wick tab before cleaning with hot soapy water so it will be perfectly clean and ready to reuse.
Now we’ve got the hard part of cleaning out of the way, let’s look at some fun ways to repurpose your jars around the home.



What a great way to brighten up your vanity and keep it stylish by upcycling your luxe candle jars? We have used ours for things like make-up pads, make-up brushes and a toothbrush holder. Get creative and make your vanity sparkle!



At Hanson Candle Co, we are always looking for ways to do our bit for the community and have come across a brilliant group of like minded people that is about creating a big difference with small change. It’s called “The Loose Change Theory” with the idea of instead of spending coins, save them in a jar, choose a charity, let the jar fill for a year and then donate it to a great cause at the end of the year. “Small change, big difference”. Imagine how much good we could all make by doing something so small. So... with that being said, why not grab that empty candle jar and start filling it with coins! You can check out this great group on Facebook and Instagram by searching “The Loose Change Theory”.



I have a confession… I am NOT a green thumb and somehow manage to kill all the plants and herbs I try to grow. Rick usually is the one that has to keep them alive and I find this very embarrassing considering both my parents are Forresters. So, for me I'm trying my hardest to keep alive indoor plants as I only need to water them once a week. (Although I did just kill the last succulent I had indoors...oops) At least I can keep them looking gorgeous why they are still ALIVE in my repurposed GEO jar. 

 upcycling your candle jar in the bathroom


While we’re on plants and pretty things why not use those candle jars as a vase? Amplify the beautiful smell of those flowers and still have it as a statement decor piece in the middle of the dining table.



You won’t find any part of my life that doesn’t have a candle in it, whether it be my office, living room, home office, bedroom… okay you get the idea! So it would be silly not to keep my pens in one of our Diamond jars. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good matchy matchy, so that’s exactly what I’ve done in my home office with our Blue (my fav colour) Diamonds candles.

 Candle jar to pen holder


This awesome suggestion actually came from one of our beautiful customers and all I can say is I LOVE IT! She purchased our Pearl “Dimple jars” and in her review said she “wants to use it as a quirky drinking glass”. Umm YES, what a great way to upcycle! Our Dimple jars are the perfect size, as they’re not too round and a great height. Plus you can put them in the dishwasher, what’s not exciting about that? Just ensure you have properly cleaned out your jar first, you don’t want wax residue through your dishwasher!



If you have a sweet tooth like everyone in our house, then why not use those old candle jars as a lolly jar? They can make the perfect addition to your tea and coffee jars.


So there you have it, our favourite ways of upcycling and re-using our luxurious candle jars around the home. What fun inventive ideas can you come up with? We’d love to hear them.

Love Shakira Hanson


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