Fun ways to steam up the bedroom including using our massage candles

They're here! Our brand new type of candle... Massage candles! We're so excited to finally bring you this amazing new sensual product that has been months in the making and as always hand made right here on the Gold Coast. We thought it would be really exciting to give you some fun ways to steam up the bedroom and spice up the romance. 

Yep, we said it... Hanson Candle Co is going raunchy!

So here is Rick and I's top ways to spice it up and re-connect with your lover.

Buy some sexy lingerie

We know this seems like an obvious one, but when you're married or in a long term relationship, how often do you actually think about doing this? Some of you may know but Rick used to work in the mines and I always made a point of buying a new outfit every swing (once a month) to spice it up when he got home. This was years ago now and when he started working at home I NEVER bought another outfit... I know pretty shit. Which is why just recently I bought my first lingerie set in probably about 5 years from The Black Market and it worked! I felt sexy, I know he loved it and spice is back on! 

The black market Lahnee set

Have a quickie but not in bed

Quickies are always fun and i'm sure they're usually just because you have to because the kids are about to wake up. No we're not talking these quickies... We want you to pick a completely different spot in the house and make it spontaneous! Could be the car, laundry or if you're really adventurous outside.

A sensual massage 

Obviously we had to put this in... And exactly why we created our massage candles! To help give you that inspiration to feel and be with your lover in a new way. The way warm oil drips on the back to having your partner give you that relaxing erotic massage will definitely leave you wanting more. Make sure you've left the kids with a sitter because this is something you're going to want to savour and make a real night of. Don't forget the champagne, strawberries, roses and your regular Soy Hanson Candles to really set the mood. Shop our massage candles here.

French Vanilla bourbon massage candle

Role Play - The married way

This is always a fun one and really works if you get into it. Both of you dress up and leave separately to meet at an agreed location (bar, hotel etc...) only you're not "together". Meet each other as strangers and flirt your way back to the hotel room or home for some hot "stranger" sex! It can be like falling in love with your partner all over again and remind you of how you got together and how you felt in the first place. I'm definitely going to take my own advise on this one and give this a try.


Another obvious one that you usually do when you're single, but have you done it with your partner recently? Get creative, send him a naughty pic in that new lingerie you just bought or tell him what you plan to 💋 when he gets home. You have so many different options when it comes to sexing and when you're at work and reading naughty messages, I guarantee you won't be able to keep your hands off each other when you get home again. It's nice to be naughty 😈


There you have it, our fun ways to spice it up in the bedroom (or somewhere else) with your lover! We hope you enjoyed and would love to hear the ways you plan to try? Comment below or tag us on socials. 

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