Fun Family Christmas Traditions to try

Growing up every family often has their own unique Christmas traditions, but once you have your own family sometimes it's time for some new ones. I asked Rick what sort of fun family Christmas traditions he did as a kid and couldn't really come up with anything other than his Mum and two sisters used to play the Mariah Carey Christmas album. I don't know about you but that's a pretty good one and I'm down to keep that one! At first looking back I thought my family didn't have any but over days of thinking there was actually a few we had as well. 

I'm half Indian (Mum's side) so when we used to travel over to Perth for Christmas holidays there was a few things that was always my favourite to do. 

  • My sister and I would help make Kulkuls with my Nanny which is an Indian Christmas sweet. This is probably one of my fondest memories and wish I bloody could remember how to make them! Maybe this year I will give them a crack for the first time in almost 9 years.
  • Growing up boardgames was always a fun family thing we would do, mostly trying to beat my Dad who would NEVER let us win ANYTHING. But every Christmas holidays we would get out a new 1000 piece puzzle and all work on it together.

Now it's Rick and I and neither of our families live near us, it's time for our own family traditions. So here are my favourites I've collected together, so you can have a crack too and create some new amazing memories with your families.

1. Everyone gets a small tree present (small enough to either hang or sit on the tree itself). Then it can be opened after lunch or dinner Christmas day or even Christmas Eve?

2. Cooking - It's so fun to cook especially with littlies so it could be baking gingerbread men, rum balls, Christmas cookies

3. Every year have the family either pick out a new ornament or if you're crafty, everyone makes their own ornament for the tree. 

4. Every year, pack a dinner/buy one and head down to the local Christmas Carolling event. Or if that's not your jam do the same but travel around and look at all the lights.

5. It's always great to give back so why not participate in a toy drive or food drive for those that don't have a lot at Christmas. If you have kiddies, this could be a great one to teach them.

6. Elf on the Shelf - We don't have kids yet but this is one i'm very excited to start when we do. Some hilarious ways to make it a fun and interesting tradition and if you're really good, set up an elf cam to see your children's reactions.

7. Okay here comes my FAVOURITE one! - Netflix's stupid AWESOME chick flick Christmas movies!! Rick hates them but during Christmas always puts them on just for me. (I know, I know I have the best husband hehe)

8. A Christmas Eve box - There's so many things you can put inside this one like: Special Christmas PJ's, Christmas movie, game to play with the family, Christmas candle to burn, Christmas book, Christmas themed plate, mug and cutlery, New tree decoration, Reindeer food, snack for Santa and the list goes on.

 9. If you don't have family close by like us, set up an annual dinner with your closest friends. Creating memories is one of the most special things you will do every Christmas.

10. Reflect - Sit down by yourself or with your partner and reflect on what the year was. Life always has its ups and downs, but pick out the 5 things you are most happy and proud of that happened that year. Every year put them in a box, then come New Year's it will be time for the new goals. You can try looking at them every 5-10 years to see how far you've grown and how much you've achieved.

And there you have it, heaps of different new traditions to try with your family. Be sure to tell me which is your favourite and which one you plan on trying.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas spent with lots of love and laughs with friends and family. See you in the New Year.

Lots of love The Hansons xx

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