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Hanson Baby Announcement

Are you following us on Socials? If you are you would know that the Hanson's are growing by 1! To say we're scared and excited is an understatement! A new journey for us, trying to navigate business, pregnancy, self love, love for each other and the balancing act of when we become new parents.

We've been working on this new product for a while but with this new chapter it only seemed fitting to finally launch it to our customers after teasing you for so long!

Introducing... BODY OILS!

French Vanilla Bourbon Body oil

I started making this product because Rick has temperamental dermatitis/eczema and it's shameful how many moisturisers I've bought over the years and nothing has helped! We tried other body oils and it seems they were the only thing that would help keep it hydrated enough, but he hated the greasy feeling that would last for hours as the body oil didn't completely soak in. So here we are, our very own recipe after many months testing, all the natural ingredients you've grown to love from us that soaks into your skin after 15min! 

What started out for Rick, quickly turned into my essential twice daily routine after a shower for my growing baby bump. The way it soaks into the skin but still leaving everything hydrated was the main thing we wanted to achieve from this beautiful product. 

They say keeping your bump hydrated throughout pregnancy can reduce the amount of stretch lines. To be honest with you, I don't know how much of this is true as my opinion it depends on a number of different factors including genetics etc... BUT, if on the off chance it does, I may as well try. Right? Plus it makes me smell nice and puts me in a much better mood because I feel like I'm looking after myself by doing so.

What's in this bottle of liquid gold you ask? Only the best stuff!

Apricot Kernel Oil

This beautiful ingredient has so many amazing features but the main reason we added this to our recipe is for its Vitamin K and high natural Vitamin E content with added benefits for skin and hair. Skin is able to absorb this oil very easily without leaving that oily residue and keeps everything soft and supple for longer.

Grapeseed Oil

One of the lightest oils, we knew this was a definite to have, as it absorbs nicely into the skin. It tightens and tones and the biggest one... Is sensitive skin's best friend as it fights breakouts and reduces redness by nourishing the skin and keeping it calm and balanced.

Macadamia Oil

Say hello to the oil that has it all! This baby is high in proteins and Vitamin E which are two natural ingredients that you want to bring back the suppleness of your skin and restore the beauty to your hair. This oil has one of the highest sources of essential and healthy fatty acids such as high oileic, linoleic and palmitoleic acid. Let's just say this ingredient easily made the cut!

Avocado Oil

We love eating Avocados for all it's healthy benefits so you can imagine the oil from this beautiful fruit is just as good! It's Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E making this great for dry and sensitive skin. It works to hide age spots and smooth out wrinkles and scars, in other words great for anti-aging! Yes please!

Neem Oil

This oil has a special place in my heart, because when I was a child our family created a whole range of amazing Neem products. Our not so secret ingredient due to its plethora of benefits with its main components including azadirachtin, carotenoids, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and vitamin C. There are so many benefits to using this oil including: Replenishing moisture, anti-ageing smoothing and texture, soothing of dry and sensitive skin, helping to unclog pores PLUS long-term use can make the skin appear more even and radiant. Testing different recipes with and without this oil, we found this beauty just tied everything together! Really helping to bring out all the other benefits of all the other oils we've used. Because all of that wasn't enough, it's also great for hair as well!

Vitamin E Oil

Full of natural antioxidants we use this oil in every product we can! It moisturises, promotes healthy skin and hair while helping with anti-ageing.

Fragrance Oil

Well of course we had to make them smell pretty! Only using high quality body safe fragrances we know you already love.

There you have it our new product for my fellow preggo Mumma's and to the Dads who suffer from Dermatitis/Eczma, we hear you, we are you! We hope our problems become your solutions. Purchase a TESTER pack or jump straight in and get one of our 100ml Body Oils.

As always, Lots of Love

The Hanson's xx

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