7 ways to re-use your Hanson Candle Co Cotton bags

Have you got HCC cotton bags from your candles or re-fills? Check out below 7 of our favourite ways to re-use them around your house.

1. Use as a protective case for your Ipad Mini. There's nothing worse than getting scratches on your Ipad, so pop it into the larger black cotton bag for protection

2. Use as a travel bag for your makeup. Perfect if you're going on an overnighter and just want to take a few makeup staples rather than your whole makeup draw.

3. Use as a sunglasses case. Lost your sunglasses case? The smaller white cotton bag is a great size for your sunnies and fits right into your small handbag.

4. Store your stationary in. I love writing everything down, so always have multiple pens, highlighters etc. A great way to have them all in one place.

5. Use as a travel bag for your jewellery. 

6. Bag up your favourite electronics in one place. We like to keep chargers, phone and headphones in one bag.

7. Organise your large handbag. If you're like me, things get lost in the pits of hell! Organise your big handbag with hair accessories, gum, lip balm and anything else that goes in there.

Let us know how you re-use your HCC bags below in the comments.

Love the Hanson's xx

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