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Geo Reed Diffusers

Geo Reed Diffusers

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Not into candles or can't have them in the house but still want that luxe smell when you come home? Then our diffuser range is for you.


150ml - 6months+ Fragrance time


1. Find the perfect location in your home, remove the plastic stopper and place the sticks into the diffuser.

2. Turn over your sticks once weekly and enjoy!

Our most popular candle fragrances have been added to this range as well as a few others we know you'll love.

Note: Be mindful of the surface your diffuser is placed on, as if diffuser oil is spilt it will harm the surface and needs to be wiped up asap! It is recommended placing something under the diffuser to protect the surface in case of a spill. (A coaster or something similar should do the trick)