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Statement Pink - Strawberry Daiquiri
Statement Pink - Strawberry Daiquiri

Statement Pink - Strawberry Daiquiri

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Already made up Strawberry Daiquiri fragrance in our Pink Statement Jar candle. 

What can we say about these Statement jars, other than they are to die for!! The only jars in our range that are featured in our Midnight candle packs. They come in this stunning purple and pink fluorescent colour that is just magical. I also can't go past anything Matte which is why we have also stocked them in the black and white. They have been named the "Statement candle" as they really are a statement piece.


A fresh tantalising blend of juicy strawberries, citrus and a shot of rum makes this simply irresistible and a personal favourite. This fragrance reminds me of hubba bubba and is a delicious sweet scent that makes you want to eat it.


340g of wax

50+hrs approx burn time